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        About Us
        Canada Food Equipment Ltd. can fully stock operations of all sizes, from coffee shops to institutional kitchens. We have the largest restaurant supply showroom in Canada.

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        Cooking Equipment
        Outfit your kitchen with reliable cooking equipment including brand name gas ovens and ranges. We have options to meet your budget.

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        Walk-In Coolers Canada Food Equipment Inc. caters to your exact refrigeration needs. We can create walk-in-coolers and freezers specifically designed to fit your space.

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        Used Equipment
        Save money with expertly refurbished kitchen equipment that comes with a parts and labour warranty. We stand behind all of our products, both new and used.

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        As your trusted restaurant supply partner in Toronto and the GTA, Canada Food Equipment Ltd. can equip you with whatever you need to get your entire restaurant up and running. Whether you own a small coffee shop or manage a prestigious restaurant or commercial kitchen, you’ll find our large selection of new and used equipment has everything you’ll need to be successful. From walk in coolers and freezers designed to fit your space to blenders, juicers, cheese graters, deep fryers and dish washing equipment, you’ll find our contract division aims to please with our exceptional customer service.

        New Equipment for Your Restaurant

        Canada Food Equipment can either sell you new restaurant supply equipment in Toronto directly or custom-build something that meets your exact requirements. Check out our selection of new equipment in stock in these easy-to-browse categories of equipment:

        Used Equipment Backed with a Warranty

        Canada Food Equipment stands behind all refurbished equipment we offer with a 90-day parts and labour warranty. We offer the following kinds of used restaurant equipment for all your needs:

        Restaurant Supply in Toronto Made Easy

        When you have a busy food service or restaurant to run, you can’t afford to wait around for the right equipment to come along. That’s why Canada Food Equipment Ltd. wants to provide you with reliable restaurant supply in Toronto and the GTA. For over 20 years, cafes, restaurants and kitchen operations of all sizes have relied upon our quality commercial-grade restaurant equipment and supplies to meet their growing demands. We do our best to ensure that we make your purchases as convenient and easy as possible by providing you with enough product information to help you always make a well-informed selection.


        When you pay our 150,000-square-foot showroom in Toronto a visit, we think you’ll be impressed by our diverse selection of products available to suit all budgets. We also have a fleet of eight trucks and over 50 employees ready to serve you. Please contact us today to learn more about our products and/or to request a free estimate. Our new and used restaurant equipment is always on sale to save you money without ever sacrificing on quality or selection!

        Visit Us Today

        Our 150,000 sq ft Toronto showroom is the largest in Canada and designed to provide a great experience for our customers.

        45 Vansco Road Etobicoke,
        ON, M8Z 5Z8

        Hours of operation:
        Monday - Friday 9:00AM - 6:00PM

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